Friday, April 17, 2009


We celebrated a wonderful Easter Sunday...
The kids loved their baskets...and the treats.and Molly was thrilled to find a Blue's Clues DVD in her basket-
Thanks, Easter Bunny!
The plastic eggs provided enough distraction to get Molly
to cooperate for a picture...and distracted her enough to let me put
a hair clip in her hair!At Papa and Nana's, the boys colored eggs.As a tradition, they had to "hunt" for their baskets, too.
This year, however, Jack could read the "clues"!Of course, they always find them easily! Molly's first egg hunt was fun.
The boys had coins in their eggs.
Molly's eggs had her name on them.
Inside, goldfish crackers!While the boys were counting coins, we lost track
of Miss Molly for a minute.
Where could she possibly be?Eating crackers off the ground...of course!
Happy Easter!

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Sharon said...

Sara, those were all such cute photos of Easter! Jack looked so "cool" in his lime green shirt. Miss Molly's jumper just screamed "Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring" ~ Very sweet! I loved the clip in her hair! Goldfish are exactly what I put in the little plastic eggs whenever I'm going to be keeping our great niece or great nephew for the day. It's a tradition now, they know eggs (only 6) will be hidden and waiting for them when they come in the house. Once in a great while I'll put coins or $$ bills too :)