Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, I have been scanning some old pictures lately...
to feed my other addiction, FaceBook.
Some oldies like:
Then, I started reading old blog posts...
and am so thankful that I started it because
I had already forgotten about some
funny things like:
Jack's artwork (it has changed so much!)
and, while I didn't forget about it,
always fun to watch!
What post has been your favorite?


The Paines said...

Oh, that picture of "snow white and the dwarf" just makes me happy. How cute!! You are a great blogger, keep it coming. (:

Nana said...

I've always LOVED that picture of you and Jacob! What a fun day that was! And the Halloween ones just make me smile; hopefully he'll remember that Nana made his costumes...yours, too! Much as I dislike Halloween, I LOVE making the costumes for the grands!