Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break

We were able to get away for 3 days in San Diego.
A perfect mini-vacation...

Day 1- Sea World...
Molly played in the water...

while Jack jumped away.Lots of things to look at, which was exciting for Molly who was strictly stroller bound last time we went.

Molly's hands liked the water.

Jack's hands liked the cotton candy!

Molly did MUCH better at the hotel than the last time...maybe because we brought some Blue's Clues DVDs to play on my computer!

Day 2- San Diego Zoo

Happy faces

and happy feet!

Jack enjoyed the back scratcher for the goats at the petting zoo.Molly enjoyed the goats.They enjoyed each other.Jack volunteered in a silly kids' show...and smiled at the sea otters.Molly was exhausted!

That night, we went to SeaPort Village for a family carriage ride.Jack stayed nice and cozy.And we all enjoyed the view.Day 3- Legoland

and the new Sea Life Aquarium.

We had a wonderful and busy weekend!

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