Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Changes and adjustments...and sad mom heart

This is a big year. We knew a year of change, adjustment, and flexibility.
The decision to move Jack from one school district to another, so he can eventually attend high school where Ken teaches, seemed like an easy one.
Jack has been with me, at our awesome family-feeling school for 7 years.
Yesterday, he moved to a 5-8 school as a 7th grader. He doesn't know a single face. New campus, new routines, new expectations. New friends.
My heart is heavy. As my confident as happy kid is anxious and teary about the one place he's always felt good.
In 2 weeks, he will be in his groove. 
Joining lunch clubs and making more friends. 
Until that happens.
Middle school is hard. 
For him and my mama heart.

Keep your head up, my son.
We know you will continue to soar and thrive, and will do whatever we can to get you there. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

2nd grade...and a new normal

Again, this blog is a sad neglected space...
But, I can't seem to just quit.
Molly started 2nd grade at my school....Here she is with her best friend
and his little sister.
Someone is missing from these pics.
Jack will be starting 7th grade in Tustin and has a few more weeks
of summer to enjoy. I am still adjusting to not having him with me.
I will continue my new position in the STEAM Lab.
Happy 2015-1016!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

spring break

Well, this poor blog. 
I still think about maybe it's time to just shut it down...
I feel like with Facebook and Instagram, things are "out there" enough.

Well, until I officially change my mind...

The kids are I were on Spring Break this week. 
Our last break before Jack heads to middle school.

We did a lot this week...
1- spa day for me
2- Disneyland
3- sleepover for Jack here with two buddies (belated b-day)
4- Legoland (with Jack's friends)
5- park with friends
6- tidepools and beach

My kids had never been to the tide pools and so I figured why not...

This picture sums up our week.

we ended our morning in Newport and had lunch at Rubys on the pier

Now, there are 9 weeks left of school.
Which leaves me with every emotion possible. 
Jack's last year with us at Richman....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Going to the chapel...

August took us back to Ohio for Brandon and Becky's wedding. Molly rocked her flower girl duties.

She also rocked her curls. This girl has so much hair! She also kept the stylist laughing.
Flower girls looking for their names on the program.
During the ceremony.

Sprinkling the newlyweds with sprinkles!
Family picture!
Wedding party.

Nieces with Molly.
Wedding kiddos.
The boys
Daddy and daughter dance
Jack couldn't wait to "destroy" the dance floor...he was...entertaining.

We were happy to be able to go back and celebrate with family. It was a fun trip..but we are officially back to reality ! X

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 much for the updates

When school got out (back in MAY!), I was determined to get on here 
with some epic updates. Some cute pics of K graduation, our summer highlights
(lots of travel...I still may post them, just late!).

But, I feel like these days...I rely on the ease of Facebook and Instagram to post.
So, for those of you who aren't on either of those...sorry to be away.

We had our first day of school yesterday.
Jack's last first day at Richman. Sigh. 6th grade.
I don't really know how that happened.

Molly is starting first grade. And is super happy to be back with friends.
I am starting a new position at school this year.
It's a strange feeling, as I did welcome my own class to Kindergarten, but am
preparing my room to be a STEAM lab/studio. 
I will be teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math
to our Kinder-2nd grade students.
It's crazy. It's inspiring. It's awesome. It's overwhelming.

Ken was able to bring the kids for their first day again, now that our schedules 
don't line up. I love that he can be a part of the first day ritual!

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Cup….

...runneth over

Jack had a rockstar of a week…
First, both kids help represent our school by giving a presentation at
our district school board meeting.
Molly was super proud and felt extremely big.
The kids NAILED the presentation…everyone was very impressed.

The next day, Jack's class had an amazing art show in our MPR.
They studied several artists, and did a piece of work in the style of each artist.
He REALLY enjoyed these lessons.
I love his insight to the paintings...

All year, he has also been participating in the Writers Guild Program.
The kids wrote essays about real life heroes.
All the essays were PUBLISHED in a book and the kids
had a book signing at Barnes and Noble.

 They had an open mic and the kids read their essays…
Jack had a little speech before he read (no surprise there)..and he volunteered to 
read his essay twice.
He wrote about our cousin, Trevor.

 This is our school superintendent...

 We ended the week tonight with the district band concert.
The kids were awesome, all of them in their first year of band.
Jack had band every Wednesday morning at 7:10 before school.

As we approach the school year's end…my heart is full.
The kids have had an awesome year with awesome teachers.
Jack has one more year with me at our elementary school before heading off to
junior high. 
It's scary, exciting, unbelievable, encouraging…
Jack continues to amaze me with his insight and leadership…and while he 
has had some bumps along the way, he has really stepped up this year.
I am excited for a fun summer…
8 more school days!