Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day x2

Today was the first day.
Of 5th grade AND Kindergarten!
We were happy that Ken could come for Day 1!

Dear Jack,
Last night, as expected, you had some nervous tears.
I tried to convince you that you would look back on them and laugh at being so nervous.
So nervous for something that you do so well.
On the way home you declared "It's going to be a great year".
You may be one of a handful excited to go back to school early this year.
To be with friends, to learn, to write.
Though, its hard to believe you are a 5th grader, I am excited for what the year will bring.
You have already included your sister in your after school "hanging out time" with YOUR friends.
I don't know how long it will last, but I was happy to see you include her.
You have exciting things ahead...iPad program, conflict managers, and the after school club you
enjoyed so much last year. 
You are an official "big kid" on campus...
We know you will do your best and continue to make us proud with your choices and 
 Dear Molly,
This weekend, as if on cue, you brought me a very simple decodable book.
"Can you teach me how to read this so I am ready for Kindergarten?", you asked me.
While not a reader YET, you are so ready for what the year will bring.
I cannot wait to watch you learn and grow, academically and socially.
You already have one of your best friends with you!
And you already adore your wonderful and silly teacher!
 Today was orientation, so you didn't stay in your class all day.
But, you did stay with me. 
You ate your packed lunch with me around 10:30, and then, when I went to help
with the lunchline, you decided you needed to buy a school lunch, too.
 I love that I will see you at recess and lunch each day.
I love that you can come to work with me, to school with Jack.
I know we will be so proud of all you show us you can do!

I am so thankful for my co-workers, for loving and accepting my kids for who they are.
I am proud to have them at school with my other family!
Happy 2013-2014!