Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ridiculous, indeed

So, this happened today.
The Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge Race.
A 5K inspired by Wipeout.
Good times.

Here's the promo video
Just madness!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hit the road, Jack (and Molly, and Nana)

As soon as school was out, the kids and my mom and I hit the road for Sacramento.
Armed with iPods, an iPad mini, and a bin of "keep em busy" activities, we bravely
drove the 7+ hours up the 5 and 99 freeways.

 We stopped at Insect Lore's Bugseum on the way.
We order caterpillars from them each year as part of our science curriculum.
It was a cool pit stop along the way!

 We spent Monday night with my good friend, Shannon, and her family.
Her daughter is Jack's age, she and Molly played a lot.
Shannon's husband is a Star Wars and Lego guy. 
So, he and Jack played, too! Ha ha!
 Tuesday morning we had a very special tour at the State Capitol!

 Jack's teacher from 3rd grade and this year, was elected to State Assembly, 
and I really wanted to get him up to see her.
She arranged for our tour and spent some time with us as well.

 This was the assembly Speaker's office.
Meeting him was apparently a big deal, as he is very busy.
But he happened to be in his office when we stopped by.
 We had lunch and a stop at the candy store in Old Sacramento before
heading back to the pool.
 Our hotel had a tiny pool to keep the kids cool...
They had it all to themselves.

 Wednesday morning the kids and I went to the zoo and to Fairy Tale Town, 
which is right across the street from the zoo.
It was a small zoo, but the kids were just as happy.


 We also discovered there was river access right down the street from our hotel.
So, we headed down there for a little bit, and then ended up back at the pool.

We headed back home on Thursday morning...
It was the perfect start to our summer!