Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Molly didn't nap today"

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JDiLuigi said...

Sara, this is hilarious! I have never seen anyone fall asleep while eating! Poor thing..maybe you will get some sleep tonight:)

Jennifer said...

That is sooo cute. I'm glad she didn't injure herself with her fork. She got kind of close a few times. We have several picks and videos of Taylor doing that.

Sharon said...

Sara, hi!
Phil just went to bed and I'm sitting here with my hands over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Oh goo LORD!! That is waaaaaay beyond funny!!! I just know that video could win some kind of an award!!BTW...I just loved the "PaPa" photos, so sweet!!
Sharon Dodge

babyinwaiting said...

That is hilarious and exactly how I feel on my friday...about this time of night...when I've only slept 3 hours. Love that girl!

Michelle said...

Hi Sara,

My name is Michelle, I am Sharon's sister. She said I had to watch this, it was hilarious (Ya always do what your big sister says!) Well, she was right - again!!! First of all she is absolutely adorable, second of all - vewy, vewy tired. That was so cute!!!!