Tuesday, March 27, 2012

whale watching

The Cooper boys went on a whale watching adventure
a few weeks ago in Long Beach.

They didn't see any whales,
but it was still a beautiful day.

Lots of dolphins swam along the side of the boat.

Thanks to Groupon for the great deal!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Dear Jack,
You turned 9 last week.
I was in Palm Springs for a conference.
BUT, you still had a great day.
Ice cream treats for your class.
Nana picked you up after school.
Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser night for school.
I was so sad to miss it, but sometimes that happens.
We celebrated on Friday at Koki's for dinner.
Went shopping for LEGOS on Saturday with your birthday money.
I just can't believe that you are nine years old.
You've made us proud every single day.

(Jack at 9 days old)

(so thankful for Jack's teacher who sent me this picture as a text message
on Jack's actual birthday. He was happy to take treats to share!)
Koki's Dinner!