Friday, March 14, 2014

every year..its the same….

Every year, I think…
this seems crazy...he can't be turning ____ (insert age here).
This year is no exception.
Tomorrow, our "baby boy" has another birthday.
And I am thinking…He can't be turning 11.

He amazes me with his wise words, he always has.
His latest wisdom came in an apology note I made him write to his teachers,
after he and a friend got into an ugly argument.
He said…
"I think I learned my lesson…some challenges are like broken mirrors.
It's better to ask for help than to risk hurting yourself trying to fix it alone".
In some ways, I can't believe he is only 11.

Thank you, Jack, for surprising us everyday.
For being our first baby.
For being Molly's big brother.