Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a new place for Molly, part 2

Between losing teeth, and saying goodbye to the crib, it's
been a week full of milestones around here. Molly was really excited to have her new bed.
But it could've been the Dora sheets...

or seeing her upstairs neighbor :)
My babies are growing up much too fast.

a new place for Molly, part 1

We got a very special hand-me down for Molly over the weekend. And since our backyard is so small, it got taken to Papa and Nana's house.

Thank you, Christina!
It will be so much fun to watch Molly grow and play in your
special house.

a new smile

I can't believe he let me do it.
Last night, I asked to see Jack's wiggly tooth.
It was pretty much ready.
So, I made an "offer".
If he let me pull it, he could have the Bakugan we bought, but
were holding on to for awhile.
And he agreed.
So, just like my dad did...
I pulled out his tooth.This one is my favorite, but for some reason, I can't get my editing

program to take out the red eye at the moment.

That big tooth is totally visible... Later, as I got Molly ready for her bath, I caught Jack

checking out his new smile.

He is always thinking.
Later, he told me,
"Mom, I was a little scared when you pulled it out"
and I said, "I know. But I knew it would be ok.
And sometimes we have to do things, even if we
are a little scared".
And a little while later, he said,
"So, I think I get it, Mom.
You helped me pull it out so I could
just grow up a little bit more".
Yes, kiddo, so you can grow up a little bit more.
But not too fast...ok?

Monday, September 28, 2009


After missing the bell today at recess, Jack found that his class had already lined up and had gone back to the room. When he told me about it today, I explained that just like a mom, teachers worry. I told him, think about when we are at a store, and I can't see you. I get worried right? (yes, he agreed). So, I said, teachers have 24 "kids" to worry, it made your teacher nervous when you weren't there. After apologizing, with some tears, he decided to write his teacher a letter, all on his own. ( I know, it's hard to see, my scanner isn't working, so I had to take a picture of it). I am proud of Jack tonight. I always am, but tonight, he made me especially proud :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

a better connection

I am scrambling in our hotel room to post videos.
The connection here allows me to download directly. At home, it takes forever and I end
up using SmileBox. So, here are a few random videos...

Molly attacks Jack in Ohio.

Molly playing with cousins in Ohio. Don't worry, she was fine.
(but we still laugh every time we watch it)

Bakugan Battle!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We are having fun in San Diego this weekend (yes, I brought my computer and yes, I paid for the internet!).
We patiently waited for the train.
Is there anything cuter than baby pony tails?

The only thing cuter, is the shadow they cast!
Molly already has an appreciation for room service. I mean, where else can you go shirtless?
While Ken was at his meeting, the kids and I headed to Sea World. Since, we rode the train, I didn't have a stroller, so I knew I would have to rent one. I ended up getting a double, and it was perfect. Molly sat SO willingly because she was next to her brother (normally, she lasts about 10 minutes).We spent some time at the sting ray touch pool, an area we hadn't been in a long time.
And, we saw the underground "caves" where the eels are kept. Kind of creepy, but Jack was mesmerized. He thought they looked like they were smiling.
For lunch, we had our regular...pasta. But this time, the ducks found us!
I took this picture of Molly. It's now a new favorite. She LOVES animals...and was so happy those ducks actually stayed near her!Playing at the Sesame Bay of Play...making music.
Exploring the polar bears caves in the Wild Artic.
Beluga whale watching
Teaching baby sister all about the catfish, sting rays, and manatees in the exhibit.

I am so thankful for days I can spend with my kids (but we REALLY missed Daddy today). They were really, really well behaved and we had a wonderful time. Now, we are going to the hotel pool for a swim! What a fun weekend!


If you asked her, and if she could talk,
I would bet that feeding the ducks was her favorite part of Sea World.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

grown up

When I get Jack an ice cream CONE, I usually ask for an extra cup, so that we can use it if needed...if it starts melting faster than he can eat it, for example.
Last night, at "Baskin BR Robinsons" (as he calls it), we had a disagreement.
He wanted sprinkles AND a cone. No cup.
I tried to reason with him...with a cup, he'd get more sprinkles, it wouldn't drip, etc.
Finally, out of frustration, he declared, "Mom. I just want to eat my ice cream like a man"
(which apparently means, no cup....but sprinkles are still ok).

Friday, September 11, 2009


I know that in 12 years we will be telling them NOT to...

but for now, there is nothing sweeter :)

I love Chili's

Chili's is right down the street from our house.
I love Chili's because of their boneless buffalo wings.
But I REALLY love Chili's because Shalimar's husband works there, and tonight while he was working, she and Salvatore came to have dinner and play.The babies shared a meal on the patio. Molly was so lady-like and she literally shoved strawberries in her mouth.See? She takes it very seriously...eating strawberries, that is.The babies also played on the train track that Jack built.After dinner, we loaded up the wagon for dessert. Can you tell it was enjoyed by all?Then we walked home and enjoyed the cool breeze and the beautiful sunset. Molly watched videos of big brother on tv while wearing a latest fashion trend. The popcorn bucket.And Jack and Salvatore shared some "guy" time watching Spongebob upstairs together.

Thank you, Liconas, for a fun night! Hope everyone sleeps in tomorrow!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

same shoes. new "hat".

Thanks, Nana, for taking these today!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What NOT to Wear, toddler episode

Nana loves TLC's What Not to Wear. Maybe Molly is picking up the BAD habits by watching it. She INSISTED on the apron, and INSISTED on changing her shoes, three times, and finally ended up with the Monster cros...The hat has been a constant accessory lately....she wears it all day long...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

want to win....

a sweet necklace?
Check out this new blog I stalk. I mean, a new blog I read.
She has a naughty baby, too.
I think we have bonded!
(visit her blog, and then click the link to her awesome store to see her jewelry)

Monday, September 7, 2009

in 4 months...

It's hard to believe that in 4 months, I will be planning a 2nd birthday party for Molly!
She is such a silly little girl. People always ask me, "How is Molly doing?"
And I always laugh and say..."She's good. She's so much work!"
That's my baby. So much work.
But so worth it!
At Disneyland today, she rode It's A Small World one time with Daddy, and twice with me.
She's getting better about waiting in line...
I love to hear her tiny voice try to sing along...

But what I love more, is watching her experience all the details that 15 minute ride provides...

I mean, really? Does life get any better than this expression?
True joy.
Don't get me wrong, she's still a lot of work.
Still a naughty little girl :)
(and she LOVES strawberries...)
And a lot of work.
But so worth it.