Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Replacement

Jack is loving his new desk!

a new car?

This is Molly's new carseat trick, pulling the sunshade down. She used to cry non-stop from point A to point B...maybe she's been trying to tell me to get a convertible?

'till the cows come home

The OC Fair sponsored a cattle drive through the "old neighborhood" so we of course packed up and went for doughnuts and a cow parade...I mean, how often do you see 300 cows walking the streets of Costa Mesa?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Jack and I got to spend a fun day together last week at LegoLand (thanks Daddy and Nana for watching Molly!). We had been before when Jack was 3, but this time was much more meaningful. We had a fun day, just the two of us. To see all of the fun pictures, you can click here!

Must See TV

Tuesday night is Wipeout night at the Cooper house. Jack LOVES this show...and he is convinced that I should go on. He really insists that I try it...yeah, right. Have you seen this show? It's crazy! I love my son with all my heart, and I hate to disappoint him...but there is no way I'd ever do this...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

young love...

Jack and Christina really do love each other. Well, on most days. But then there are some days, like this one, where they just seem to have more issues than normal. These 2 have literally grown up together...they are 3 weeks apart and since we are close friends with her parents, they see each other quite often. At the beach club, we had an incident with a sand castle. Jack was REALLY mad at Christina, as you can see in the picture. She, was un-phased by the whole thing, as you can see in the picture.

Maybe they've been in a relationship too long?

Don't worry...some 'Smores made it all better...

the best medicine...

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life is a...

We had fun at the circus...Jack & I, and his best buddy from school (and his mom, too.).
The seats were great...and the $12 cotton candy was good, too.
(Yes, it really was $12...I know. Yes, I paid $12 for it...I know. But it's the circus, how can you NOT have cotton candy?!)

circus smile..

classic circus elephants...and the highlight for 2 boys entering Kindergarten...can you guess?

Yes, the elephants pooped! (insert giggling boys here!)

have you seen Blades of Glory?
That was all I could think of during the above act....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

letter to a table

Dear Train Table,
It has been a good 3.5 years. You have given Jack HOURS and HOURS of joy, creativity, and fun. You were the reason our office became known as "the train room".
You may have noticed, table, that Jack's tiny hands have grown. You may have noticed that when he comes into "the train room" it is usually to use the computer, not you. I imagine that has been hard for you. I know he still loved you, but he has other things on his mind now...robots, space travel, Kindergarten...I think trains will always be in his heart, but, he has made room for other things.
We decided last week that it may be time to move a new table into the office. With homework to do and a blooming desire to create fantastic artwork and write stories and books, Jack will be needing his own desk. Jack was very sad, but he understood. What made it easier was knowing you would be going to a wonderful new home, with a wonderful new friend. I promise you will be played with much more than you had been lately at our house.
We will miss the layouts and adventures...and the smiles...
Thank you, train table.
Jack, Christmas 2004

**I can't believe I just wrote a letter to a table....

Big Bike

We went shopping for a birthday present for a friend, and came home with a new bike for Jack. He was WAY too big for his old one...

How Can You Resist THIS Face?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

OC Fair

Opening Day- OC Fair

Molly taking it all in...
Jack found 2 robots!
Fun House fun!
Tired Feet? Not a problem!
Ken takes in some fair food...Molly tries to nap...
My favorite picture...Jack was so excited to ride the roller coaster!
Bumper Cars
Survivor Island obstacle course

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Work In Progress...FINISHED!

We are making a "real" robot...stay tuned!
He's done :)
We went to Home Depot...had NO clue what we were doing. But, we found some cool supplies and some serious glue and came home to create.
Jack and I had lots of fun and he is SO proud!

How Much?...a true conversation

Jack- "Mom, how much do you love me?"
Mom- "A whole lot, why?"
J- "More than a cheetah loves his stripes?"
M- "yes"
J- "More than a whale loves his blowhole?"
J- "more than a robot loves his beeping?"
M- "yes"
J- "more than a dog loves to lick?"
M- "yep"
J- "more than a cat loves to chase birds?"
M- "yes"
J- "more than a tiger loves his stripes?"
M- "yes"
J- "more than an astronaut loves the planets?"
M- "yes, Jack. More than ALL of those things together".
J- "whoa. That's a lot"

yes, it really is a lot....

Friday, July 11, 2008

July news

Since the crashing of our computer...we have...

turned 6 months old! 17.3 oz. 27 inches

gotten mad at Mom & Dad and made this sign for the bedroom (the picture is a"grown-up")

went swimming...first time for Miss Molly

celebrated the 4th

and had a puppet show...with puppets created by Jack.