Wednesday, March 23, 2011

special delivery

Jack really likes to get mail.
This week, he got something VERY special.
It was from my cousin, Jared.
Jack has been pretty emotional about Papa Red,
and Jared wanted to share some perspective.

This is where I kick myself for not having a picture of Jack with Jared!
So, here are the cousins...
and a super old one of me and my "baby" cousin!
Thanks, Jared, for being a wonderful role model for my son.


Sharon said...

I am relieved it's the end of the evening for me and don't care that my eye make~up is all running and now smeared! That was the sweetest, most thoughtful deed anyone could have done for Jack. Jared (and Jack) you are a jewel and come from a family of gems! Wish I could hug you all.

The Liconas said...

So wonderful and precious! What a great man to pass on such great love from another great man to a great little man!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sara. You truly have an amazing family. These words are a beautiful gift for Jack.

Jennifer said...

What a great cousin you have to take the time to write such a long and thoughtful letter!! It brought tears to my eyes. I know Jack will really take his words to heart :).

Melissa said...

This is amazing!!