Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve at my sister's house.
(It almost looks like they genuinely like each other!)
Serious concentration. 
 Nana and Papa always give a book on Christmas!

 And Nana-made pajamas (Molly's has bunnies on it…)
 Christmas morning at home.
 Molly's top wish list item was this cat. 
She was so happy...

 Also, a bunch of Skylanders to share...
 Jack's top wish list…Star Wars Republic Gunship set.
 These were MY Christmas challenge. 
No US release for them…so, eBay.
From Korea.
 She kept going back to her kitten in between opening.
It's the most annoying toy on the planet,
but her reaction was worth it.
 Christmas dinner with the whole family!
 Money in a box!
 Her favorite princess!
 The cousins...

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Snow Days...

As these load, I am cracking up.
Only in California could a blog post called "Snow Days"
consist of my kids in short sleeved shirts.

We went to Sea World to check out their snow days.
But, first, a visit with Santa.
 This is one of my favorite pics I have taken this "season"…
This Santa was really funny.

 "Mom, take my picture, like it's stuck!"

(Well, CA snow)


pre-holiday happenings

I am already behind!
You'd think being on vacation, I could be better about this!

Youth group Christmas party…new t-shirts!

Disney on Ice…Rockin Ever After 
(so much fun!)

 Kindergarten Christmas program
(always so darling)
 Traditional Christmas lunch with old friends!
 Decorating the tree and Papa and Nana's...

A trip to the Snoopy House!!!