Monday, January 6, 2014


Six years ago, I went to bed feeling anxious and nervous.
I was going to be induced to deliver our baby girl…
It feels like yesterday.

Dear Molly,
At 6 years old, you are still one of the silliest kiddos I've ever known.
You love to do homework, bother your brother, and you love to eat BBQ ribs.
Your favorite restaurant is the Lazy Dog Cafe, you love all the big rides at Disneyland,
and you make friends wherever you go.
You are learning how to read and I am told you are a very good listener in your classroom.
You have very good manners.
You like to paint, ride your scooter, and watch whatever shows Jack is watching.
You are the only one who will drink a green smoothie with me.
This year, you requested a birthday party with your daycare friends, and they spoiled you.
You will celebrate at school with popsicles.
 You love to keep track of things on your own calendar, you love crossing off the days.
You love to buy lunch at school…mini cheeseburgers and mac and cheese are your favorite days.
I get to be your teacher on most mornings for ELD and on Wednesdays in the computer lab.
You love to help me choose a game for all the kids to play.
 Your love for animals has not changed, you continue to love animals with all your being.
You were in shock when we placed YOUR REAL bunny in your hands.
 You have a funky sense of style and often put together some interesting outfits.
You wear them with confidence.
You like to be the ringleader at Sunday dinner, declaring "joke night" rules.
Sometimes your jokes make NO sense.
You still like princesses, Jasmine and now Merida are your favorites.
You love to have "beat down" and "tickle fight" sessions with Daddy.
You still don't like to wear any accessories in your hair.
But you rock the crazy knee high socks.
You tried ballet, and had fun, but it maybe wasn't your "thing".
This week, you will start ice skating lessons with Jack.
You can name all the Skylander characters, and have a mental list of which ones you "need" and which ones you already have.
You still really want a Furby.
You love to help Papa fill the bird feeder every week.
You love to help Nana do crafts and set the table.
 You requested a bunny themed party this year.
We decorated your cupcakes together and you told everyone at your party they could eat 
"everything on them but not the ears".
 I can't imagine you being 6…or 7…or 8…
but, I bet the next year will be so much fun!
 Happy Birthday, baby girl!
We love you!