Friday, May 16, 2014

My Cup….

...runneth over

Jack had a rockstar of a week…
First, both kids help represent our school by giving a presentation at
our district school board meeting.
Molly was super proud and felt extremely big.
The kids NAILED the presentation…everyone was very impressed.

The next day, Jack's class had an amazing art show in our MPR.
They studied several artists, and did a piece of work in the style of each artist.
He REALLY enjoyed these lessons.
I love his insight to the paintings...

All year, he has also been participating in the Writers Guild Program.
The kids wrote essays about real life heroes.
All the essays were PUBLISHED in a book and the kids
had a book signing at Barnes and Noble.

 They had an open mic and the kids read their essays…
Jack had a little speech before he read (no surprise there)..and he volunteered to 
read his essay twice.
He wrote about our cousin, Trevor.

 This is our school superintendent...

 We ended the week tonight with the district band concert.
The kids were awesome, all of them in their first year of band.
Jack had band every Wednesday morning at 7:10 before school.

As we approach the school year's end…my heart is full.
The kids have had an awesome year with awesome teachers.
Jack has one more year with me at our elementary school before heading off to
junior high. 
It's scary, exciting, unbelievable, encouraging…
Jack continues to amaze me with his insight and leadership…and while he 
has had some bumps along the way, he has really stepped up this year.
I am excited for a fun summer…
8 more school days!

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The Liconas said...

Way to go Jack, and Molly!! We have been proud of you also, and so amazed and encouraged by your awesomeness!!!!!!!