Monday, January 7, 2013


Dear Molly,
Today, you turned 5.

And just like I predicted, you asked me if you start Kindergarten tomorrow.
Sorry, baby girl...not quite yet. But, trust me, it's not because you aren't ready :)
This year has been busy and preschool, new friends, new love for anything princess-y.

You continue to make us all laugh out loud, and once a day, we all think "Did she really say that??".
You are silly, and sassy, and dramatic.

You love all animals with a heart I have never seen before.

You love stuffed animals just as much.

You continue to surprise me with your wide range of food preferences...

You boycotted my desire for you to have long hair and I almost cried as you got your haircut.

You idolize and irritate your brother in the same breath.

You are dadddy's girl.

And Mommy's girl.

You have sleepovers once a week with Nana and Papa. It's your favorite time, I think.
Home Depot trips with Papa. Dollar Tree with Nana. You are spoiled to the core.

You are loved in California, and Ohio.

You still sleep with white blanket. Your Great Grandma Purple would love that. It needed its first repair this week.

 You make friends everywhere you go. Even in line at Disneyland, hugging your new friends when the ride is over.

 At daycare, you are the big kid. No doubt you have grown up since you started there.
I get terribly sad thinking about your last day in June.
How amazing to think you will be coming to school with me and Jack this August.

You are an amazing BIG girl, in a little girl's body.
And we love you so very much.
Happy Birthday, baby girl.