Saturday, June 15, 2013

Open House

(warning...SUPER long post...sorry!)

Once upon a time, a mommy got an invite for a preschool Open House.
This mommy knew how Open Houses worked. She was a teacher herself.
She showed up with her family, led by her happy preschooler.
She was expecting to walk through the classroom, bring home some handmade crafts, shake hands
with a smiling teacher, and then go home.
Thinking it was a small "event", this teacher mommy even left her good camera at home.

Instead, this family walked into a PACKED gym...with kids dressed up, families with flowers...
Kids getting on stage, receiving certificates...Clearly, this was NOT just an Open House.

So, yeah.
That happened. 

A little about these pics.
Molly attended an ROP preschool, that was on campus at a high school.
She had two teachers, 24 classmates, and approximately 25 "big friends".
These were the highschoolers who were taking the early childhood classes and
essentially ran the preschool program with the teachers.
It. Was. Awesome.

Here are some of the pictures that they gave us on a CD...

So, on this evening, I was not ready...I relied on my iPhone and was embarrassed that I 
hadn't dressed up my now Kindergartener...

 The "big friends" made beautiful memory books for the kids.
And it included some letters to Molly that made me extremely emotional.
The first, from her teachers:

 The next three, were written by the 3 high school girls 
who worked on putting her book together.

This particular young lady really connected with Molly.
She hugged her several times, and wiped tears away as she said goodbye to my girl. 
Below, is the letter she wrote to Molly.

I later emailed the teachers, explaining that I wasn't ready for all the emotions. 
That I knew the grown ups would enjoy Molly.
That she would make friends, and enjoy school.
But the relationships she formed with so many "big friends"
made a big impact on her...and to see her with them at Open House made an impact on ME.
Hearing them all cheer for her when she went to get her diploma.
All the high fives and hugs she got as we left.
It was all just perfect.

I am thankful for the village that has helped her grow and be ready for Kindergarten in the fall.
Family, friends, daycare...and this group of people.