Monday, December 15, 2008

cheaters never win...

Today, Jack and I went shopping for some things
I needed for school.
We are studying the Gingerbread Man, and I have found that buying the cookies are MUCH easier than trying to bake with 20 five year olds.
It's one of those things where I'd rather spend the $...
Jack, of course, was curious.
"Mom. Why are you buying those cookies?"
"For school."
"You aren't making the cookies?"
"Well, Miss Joo is making them."
"Some teachers like to make them, and some teachers like to buy them"
"Mom. That sounds like cheating to me".


The Paine Family said...

Oh, funny! I'm with you all the way, mine seem to end up without heads or arms and thats no fun either!

Mel said...

No way!

I'm totally impressed by teachers, who always seem to have a creative idea or project going on. The biggest thing is that you have the energy to organize all of it. I can't even do Christmas presents without having at least one meltdown!

Definitely not cheating to buy the cookies... sorry, Jack!

Merideth said...

Jack is so funny! What a cute
story. :)

Anonymous said...

Jack is going to lead a kindergarten mutiny today over this, I just know it. The jig is up! Maybe it's not too late to call for a sub!

Sara said...

Christine- I know. I have baked them before...but they always break!

Melodie- the Gingerbread thing is my "thing" every year. I have over 15 versions of the story. We compare what's the same and what's different...Energy...I am running on fumes.

Susie- Yes, I know. He's smarter than the average bear around here...just wait till the letters from Santa come tomorrow. He may be checking my laptop for the document as proof...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he realizes that the annual gingerbread houses we make are from a least this year we're building something a little different.

Jennifer said...

Okay Jack keeps outdoing himself with the funniest comments I've ever heard from a kid. You are busted. Wow comparing you to Ms. Joo. That little turkey.