Saturday, May 15, 2010

Imagine...with ELMO

Molly and I had another wonderful playdate with our friends.
This one, was big time.
It's really hard getting 5 kids under 3 to look at you...this was the best shot!

At first, it's a little overwhelming to see Big Bird.
He's REALLY big!
I love their little legs on the seats :)
Mia, Molly, and Taylor clapping and dancing.
Popcorn at intermission.
Happy girls = happy mommies
What a wonderful show!
So happy to spend the day with some of our favorite people!


The Liconas said...

Salvatore and I missed you all today!! Can't wait to see the next show!! All of the kids look so great!!

The Paine Family said...

Josiah will be SO jealous you saw "melmo"

Jennifer said...

We had such a great time too! It is so awesome to be able to share special experiences like this together :)!