Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my day

I had a great Mother's Day on Sunday.
We spent the day in Long Beach.
First the aquarium, then lunch.

Jack was so proud to feed the lorakeets.
Molly wanted to feed them, but was nervous. So, she watched in awe.
Because it was early, the birds were very active.
A year ago, Jack would've NEVER done this.
When we told him he looked like a pirate, he made his hand a hook :)
A ride on the carousel, and a trip to the bookstore after lunch.


The Liconas said...

Yeah for a wonderful Mother's Day!!! Love how you were all wearing those "aqua" colors!!

Jennifer said...

What a great day! What a perfect way to spend mother's day. I guess going early is the key to going to the aquarium.

angie said...

wow! he really has changed!

JDiLuigi said...

Love the pic with the bird on Jack's shoulder:)