Wednesday, January 14, 2009

better late than never

It's a long story, but we got our Christmas package from Ohio on Saturday. It was nice because Jack had watched Molly open
all her gifts, and I think was having some present envy.
Perfect timing.
Once everyone left and the clubhouse was cleaned,
we opened the presents from the Coopers.
Look at these pictures.
I could not have gotten better pictures.
He was SO excited, and could not believe that
he now had the Build Your Own Light Saber kit.

Thanks to the whole Cooper family-

Uncle Joe, Aunt Cherise, Meghan, Bryan, Erin, Justin, Jordan,

and last but not least, Brandon...

who had perfect timing when mailing the box.

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Anonymous said...

I was SO proud of Jack and his wanting to help get ready for Molly's party. He was so excited about helping fill the balloons with helium and kept Molly busy by pulling her around and around the room in the wagon while we set up the food. He DESERVED something special for all his hard work!