Saturday, January 31, 2009

When the shoe (doesn't) fit...

I've been so obsessed with Molly's walking.
Today, I had her feet measured at the mall.
Guess what?
Her size 4.5-5 feet have been CRAMMED into a size 3.
Can you say guilt?
So, today, Molly got some new shoes!

...and they seem to help her with her new skill...

climbing the stairs at a record speed.

Click to play stairs
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Merideth said...

That totally happened to me when Nolan was little. Now I'm paranoid and have their feet sized all the time. :)

JDiLuigi said...

When did she get so big? She can do so much. Such a BIG girl.

Anonymous said...

Ok, it didn't even occur to me to have Mia's feet sized! Molly climbs so well and I love the kisses!

Mel said...

We were doing the same thing. Reece is nearly a 7 and he's been wearing 5s.


It's nice when they can't talk so they can't complain.

Jennifer said...

Wow she must of had a recent growth spurt.