Tuesday, January 13, 2009

party on...

The birthday has come and gone...
Molly has so many people that love her...
and that makes me the happiest mommy ever.
We celebrated with family, good friends,
lots of food...and cake and presents.
Here are a few highlights.
When I get them all downloaded to shutterfly,
I will add a link.
(Right now, I am still getting over the fact
that she's a year old!).
Blue's Clues
enjoying the appetizers!
(notice the full cheeks on all 3 girls!)

too many presents...
the cake...Molly was NOT interested in
the cake at all during the party.

and decided to get rid of it herself. BUT, at home...cake is a GOOD thing!


Rubyellen said...

happy birthday!!! the party looked fun, particularly the cake!

and thanks to you... i turned it into a contest!

thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sara! Is Molly really 1 already??? WOW!! Happy Birthday, Molly Pearl! I can't wait to see you all next weekend!