Thursday, January 1, 2009


Watch out Food Network...
We tried out Jack's new Easy Bake Oven today.
Yes, it was on his Christmas list...
We made chocolate chip cookies..
First, a pose with the oven
(how does it "bake" things with a lightbulb?)

Then, add 3/4 teaspoon water (yes, that's all!)and mix...carefully, put it in the oven...and be sure to watch the timer (8 minutes)...clean up while you wait (who needs a dishwasher?)and Ta-Dah! 6 cookies the size of a half dollar!next time...yellow cake with frosting!


Anonymous said...

That chef's coat and hat are too cute! I think it's so sweet that Jack wanted the easy bake oven and I'm glad they make it in a color other than pink. Baking shouldn't be gender specific!

Jennifer said...

His get up is so adorable. How fun! That was one of my favorite toys when I was his age.